2020 Holiday
Readiness Guide

An Unprecedented Year Calls for
Innovative Solutions

Did you know 71% of US adults plan to do more than half of their holiday shopping digitally this year? The increase in online traffic and sales puts pressure on brands to optimize their digital customer experience. In this new guide, we outline how to prepare the holiday season, from customer experience strategy to ecommerce production support.

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Top Tips to Dash Through the Holidays and Avoid Disruptions

70% of consumers say slow site speed negatively impacts their purchasing decision. Find out how to improve page speed with our five performance tips.

increase customer loyalty

Light Up Your Content and User Experience Strategy

98% of visits to digital commerce channels do not end in a transaction. Learn how to optimize your content and UX and dramatically improve your conversion rate.

Give the gift of features this holiday season

Give the Gift of Features This Holiday Season

The digital landscape will be more competitive than ever this holiday season. Learn which features customers expect from brands when holiday shopping online.

Are you ready for holiday 2020?

We're entering an unprecedented holiday season as COVID-19 remains a prevalent issue. By planning ahead, brands can prepare their technology stack, marketing strategy, and security for the influx in online traffic and sales. According to MarTech Series, 66% of shoppers anticipate their online purchases to increase during the 2020 holiday season. 39% of shoppers plan to start their holiday shopping in October this year, putting pressure on brands and retailers to focus on the digital customer experience.

Blue Acorn iCi created the 2020 Holiday Readiness Guide to help brands and retailers navigate the holiday season, from customer experience strategy to ecommerce production support. 

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