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Learn why Blue Acorn iCi was the Performance Marketing partner of choice for Michel Design Works.

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Controlling the Customer Experience Through Customer Data

Michel Design Works partnered with Blue Acorn iCi for Performance Marketing services, as well as the team’s strategic guidance during their DTC site build. Unlike a typical brand agency that focuses on impressions, Blue Acorn iCi’s Performance Marketing team focuses on ecommerce KPIs, such as conversion rate, that help brands see a return on their investment. Our services range from targeted paid search and social to email and SEO.

Customer Acquisition Through Digital Marketing


Harmonious Relationships with Retail Partners


Strategic Consulting Throughout Site Build


How Michel Design Works Increased Their Email Database By 114%

Learn how Blue Acorn iCi grew the Michel Design Works email database by 114% in the first 90 days of the social media campaign.

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