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Opportunities & Challenges Uncovered From Industry Leader Survey

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Digital Transformation Efforts Will Accelerate in 2021 & Beyond

Blue Acorn iCi, Adobe, and BWG Strategy surveyed business and technology leaders to identify key opportunities and challenges facing industrial organizations after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Responses shed light on the key pain points creating the most disruption in their organizations, how they plan to mitigate risk, and what they’re prioritizing in modernization efforts.

Top 5 Pain Points

Leaders rank their top pain points they plan to face in 2021 and beyond.

Leading Modernization Efforts

Learn which modernization efforts organizations are prioritizing to remain nimble.

Qualitative Analysis

Written responses reveal how leaders are adapting to remote business and adapting digital.

79% of business leaders see increased speed & resilience through digital transformation as an opportunity post-COVID.

Learn how to accelerate digital transformations across people, processes, and technology.

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