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SouthernCarlson Case Study

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streamlining frequent purchases

Streamlining Frequent Purchases

Magento's native requisition list feature optimizes the B2B digital experience by saving time when ordering frequently-purchased products.  

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Split Checkout Customization

With this feature, users can choose to pick up an item in-store, but ship other items all within the same checkout instance.

custom price books

Implementing Custom Price Books

SouthernCarlson's price books are very complex. By integrating Varnet with Magento, the new site now shows the correct price list to any given user.

Using technical expertise and resources to implement a new digital customer experience fit for today's B2B shoppers.

SouthernCarlson successfully built a hardware company on the foundation of service and commitment to the customer. Their over 150 store locations provided them the optimal opportunity to create a streamlined omnichannel experience for their B2B customers. Their previous site offered little more than a scaled-back online catalog with very limited functionality. They needed a partner with the technical expertise and resources to implement a new B2B digital customer experience to meet the complex needs of today's B2B shoppers.

SouthernCarlson Case Study

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