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B2B Customer

SouthernCarlson Case Study

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poor experience

Experience is Everything

48% of shoppers have left a brand’s website and made a purchase from a competitor because of a poorly personalized experience.

recommended products

The Power of Recommended Products

When shoppers follow AI-powered product recommendations, their average order value increases by 14%.

return options

Options Matter to the Modern Shopper

74% of respondents are more likely to purchase online if they can return or exchange in-store.

Using technical expertise and resources to implement a new digital customer experience fit for today's B2B shoppers.

SouthernCarlson successfully built a hardware company on the foundation of service and commitment to the customer. Their over 150 store locations provided them the optimal opportunity to create a streamlined omnichannel experience for their B2B customers. Their previous site offered little more than a scaled-back online catalog with very limited functionality. They needed a partner with the technical expertise and resources to implement a new B2B digital customer experience to meet the complex needs of today's B2B shoppers.

SouthernCarlson Case Study

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