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Increase customer lifetime value up to 2.5x

Adobe launched the Adobe Experience Platform with the goal of enabling organizations to deliver optimal customer experiences at scale. Adobe Experience Platform is a customer data platform (CDP) that unifies customer data across systems in real-time. Marketers can use this data to deliver timely, targeted communications and personalized experiences by prioritizing first-party data, helping companies solve three major business problems: Disjointed customer journeys, personalization in a cookieless world, and employee enablement.

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Deliver Data-Driven Customer Experiences
Deliver Cohesive Customer Experiences

Collect data in a unified solution to track all online and offline customer interactions. 

Prepare for Personalization in the Cookieless Future

As the third-party cookie is phased out, first-party data will be paramount to providing personalized experiences.

Empower Your Team with Unified Customer Profiles

From marketing to customer service, Adobe Experience Platform can automate workflows and optimize processes.

Put Your Data to Work

Deliver real-time customer experiences.

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