User Testing 101

The Marketer's Crash Course

There is convincing evidence that usability testing, when done correctly and interpreted accurately, has positive impacts on ROI, conversion rates, and customer loyalty.

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Clearly define the critical tasks that will be tested. Know exactly what a customer’s goals are on your site.

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Test Participants 

Participants can be “representative users,” or just randomly chosen individuals.

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Learning Goals

If you are testing an existing system, you will want to know the frustrations, blockers, and bugs users encounter.

What does usability testing have to offer?

Usability testing offers a variety of ways to get direct feedback from users, and better understand how they interact with your products and website. When set up and performed correctly, you will gain valuable insights that will help you to identify changes that can improve performance and satisfaction levels. As Jakob Neilsen said, “A bad website is like a grumpy salesperson,” and because oftentimes it is your only contact with customers, your site needs to exceed their needs and expectations. Usability testing gives you the knowledge to provide that great experience.

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