How Manufacturing Companies Can Win Over the Modern Consumer

Strategies and insights to pivot the customer experience

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How to attract consumers with a DTC channel

Customer-centric strategies, well-known in the B2C world, are changing the landscape of B2B manufacturing companies. In many ways, manufacturing companies are more technologically advanced than consumer-facing brands but struggle to translate that to the digital customer experience. However, industry-leading manufacturing companies are responding to intensified competition and evolving customer needs, pushing the standard for others in the industry. In fact, 79% of companies with a global footprint have started an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiative and are investing in digital transformation, according to IDC.

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Manufacturing Brands' Top Trends & Challenges

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Attract Consumers with a Direct-To-Consumer Channel

Discover the 3 areas manufacturing companies need to focus on to attract & retain loyal customers.

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