Rebuilding AEM to
Optimize CX

Creating consistent experiences

We developed a comprehensive digital strategy to build a scalable system that would meet the growing and changing needs of Panera's global brand.

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Strategy + Assessment 

Learn how we assessed Panera’s current system against best practices and tailored it to meet their omnichannel vision. 

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Implementation + Integration 

See how our team built a platform integrated with Panera’s internal systems to achieve a consistent end-user experience.

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Responsive Design 

Learn how our team ensured Panera's system could support their future global initiatives and business goals. 

While Panera had a basic understanding of AEM, they needed an expert team who could rebuild and customize their system to fully support business goals and deliver an outstanding user experience. We assessed Panera’s current system and discovered it was not following best practices for AEM or responsive design, nor was it reusable for Panera’s omnichannel vision.

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