Meeting Heightened
Customer Expectations

Improving conversion rates

Both our optimization team and our expertise in Dynamic Yield were leveraged to create personalized experiences, make site enhancements, and improve UX and design.

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Learn how to use Dynamic Yield’s user-affinity strategy to provide hyper-relevant and personalized product recommendations. 

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Utilize A/B testing to determine which site enhancements are influencing customer conversions. 

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UX Design

Learn how to use Dynamic Yield to test, validate and iterate on new site designs. 

Jimmy Jazz + Blue Acorn iCi + Dynamic Yield = Higher Conversion Rates

Without Blue Acorn iCi’s insight and ability to test with Dynamic Yield, Jimmy Jazz would be deploying new features without knowing if and how it improved sales and ultimately ROI. Jimmy Jazz is now one of Blue Acorn iCi’s most successful clients using Dynamic Yield. Moving forward, Jimmy Jazz and Blue Acorn iCi plan to explore hyper-targeting and personalized promotional campaigns in order to meet their customers’ high expectations.

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