The Ultimate
Magento 1 to
Magento 2 Checklist

M1’s end of life doesn't have to be
the end of the world for your site.

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limited time

Time is running out

After June 2020, Magento will no longer offer support for Magento 1 stores. This means no security updates, patches, or quality fixes.


Your M1 site is at risk

When M1 support discontinues, sites will be more vulnerable to security threats.

Months left

Don't delay your replatforming

Magento predicts all new M1 to M2 implementations will need to kickoff by August 2019 to successfully launch before the June 2020 deadline.

June 2020 marks the end of life for Magento 1.

Before you reach for the panic button, we've worked with our certified solution engineers and Magento developers to bring you crucial insights and tips for a smooth replatform to Magento 2. Download the Ultimate M1 to M2 Migration Checklist to learn more!

The Ultimate Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration Checklist

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