Localizing CX for the Global Anytime, Anywhere Consumer

Win globally by acting locally with Blue Acorn iCi & Digital River.

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Localizing the Customer Experience for the Global Anytime, Anywhere Consumer

There’s a world of opportunity for brands expanding into new global markets. While things like increased revenue and larger market share are there for the taking, the nuances of selling like a truly local company can be complex. In this eBook, Digital River and Blue Acorn iCi explain how businesses can successfully expand to new locales by avoiding potential pitfalls and offering a localized, seamless end-to-end customer experience.

Why localize?

40% of global consumers won't buy from a website in languages other than their own.

Entering a New Market

Customers are 4.5X more likely to make a purchase if they see consistency in their shopping experience.

A Localized Approach to Globalization

65% of consumers prefer content in their own language even if it's poor quality.

Experts predict over 2.14 billion people worldwide will shop online in 2021.

This opens doors for brands to expand their business to new markets around the globe.

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