Putting the
Customer First:
User-Centered Design

A forward-thinking site

Blue Acorn iCi was chosen as a trusted creative partner to design a forward-thinking suite of sites for AICPA, one of the largest professional organizations in the world. 

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Setting the Stage 

For this project, we focused on the 12 most critical tasks that were common across all properties.

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Usability Testing 

We established a remote user testing environment, allowing us to watch and record users as they interacted with the site.

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Creating Intuitive Solutions

We delivered a series of wireframes that not only enhanced the design but - more importantly - eliminated the pain points exposed by earlier testing.

The Final Deliverable: User Success Rates

The global navigation system our team designed for AICPA showed a dramatic improvement in the success rates of user critical tasks. Participants in the final testing provided positive comments about their experience, including a consistent experience across the organization’s different sites, the perception of being a recognized user, the delivery of personalized, relevant and timely content.

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