Organizing &
Optimizing the
Customer Journey

Using Optimizely to Enhance CX

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Strategic Review

Strategic Review

See how Blue Acorn iCi uses on-site business reviews to understand and capture key stakeholder needs and goals. 

Multivariate Testing

Using Multivariate Testing

Learn how we tested variations of SeaWorld's user experience and used the results to craft a seamless customer journey for each customer segment. 

Optimizing Results

Optimizing Results

View the conversion boosts our team was able to achieve. Blue Acorn iCi improved mobile conversion rates by 4.7% and revenue per visit by 5.9%.

How Blue Acorn iCi Creates a Trusted Client Partnership

“When on-site with a client, we want to form a strategic partnership and bring to light other ways we can help the client. We have a depth of analytical understanding that goes far past optimization—A/B testing is only one tool in our chest that we can provide the client.”
Jared Hellman, Director of Insights and UX - Blue Acorn iCi

Seaworld Case Study

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