7 Key Capabilities
of Adobe Experience

How can AEM upgrade your CX?

The importance of delivering seamless customer experiences across all channels is paramount. Investing in powerful tools, like AEM, will enhance your ability to meet heightened customer expectations. 

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Digital Assessment Management  

The DAM functionality of AEM provides a single system for the storage and management of digital content and marketing assets across the enterprise.

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Advanced Analytics Integration 

44% of marketers work with three or more analytics platforms making it difficult to manage data. AEM can help organize and optimize. 

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Campaign Management 

AEM gives marketers centralized control of the creation of campaign assets and a simple way to monitor campaign progress.

Does your organization seek digital marketing superiority?

Digital marketing plays a much larger role than to simply differentiate your company. It’s an integral part of staying relevant and tuned in to an ever increasing number of customer touch points. This relevance is necessary because customer expectations of the brands they interact with have never been higher. Fortunately, AEM has the tools and Blue Acorn iCi has the expertise to help enterprise brands deliver the excellent, multi-channel experiences their customers desire.

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Blue Acorn iCi is a full-service experience driven e-consultancy rooted in data analytics. We serve leading and aspiring B2B and B2C brands by leveraging our proven expertise in strategy, design, development, marketing services & operations. We deliver creative solutions that accelerate our clients' ability to grow marketing share more profitably while strengthening their customer relationships.